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Men’s thongs

In the USA and Europe, the wearing of thongs by men was once mainly limited to the dance belt, the posing pouch for bodybuilders and the realm of male strippers. These days, men's thongs are more widely available to the general public and can be bought from department stores (Macy's, Dillard's, Kmart, etc.), some clothing stores and numerous online retailers. Thongs for men are cut differently from thongs for women, often having a partial or full vertical seam at the front of the garment to create a contoured pouch which accommodates the male genitalia.


A Dance belt is a type of thong designed specifically to be used in the same manner as an athletic supporter but for male dancers, especially in ballet. Its purpose is to protect and support the dancer during athletic/dance activities without being seen through outer garments, such as tights or a leotard. Thongs tend to offer better support for the male anatomy than do other underwear styles, and is one of the reasons why men and boys may choose to wear them.

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The male thong undergarment stripper style. In many areas men will perform strip tease act in some clubs or bars. Regulations on styles that are allowed vary by area, some require a full back, some may not. Or perform in your residence or backyard and maybe wear whatever you like, like a sheer mens thong.

The Thong History

The thong is an undergarment and swimwear, worn by women and men. The style characterized by a thin strip of material along the center of the garment’s back designed to sit between the wearer’s buttocks, connected directly to the bottom front of the garment and to both sides of the front at the top via a waistband.[1] Basically, it is a narrow piece of cloth, leather, or plastic that covers or holds the genitals, passes between the buttocks, and is attached to a band around the hips. At times the rear area became so narrow that it would disappear between the wearer's buttocks.


A similar item is the G-string, of which the back consists only of a string.[2] The two terms G-string and Thong are often used interchangeably; however, they can refer to distinct pieces of clothing. A G-string is one variety of thongs. See the design and variety of thongs for details. Thongs come in a variety of styles depending on the thickness, material, or type of the rear portion of fabric and are available for both men and women throughout the world. It is known as the "fio dental" in Brazil.[3] Since, the thong is essentially a panty with a strap in the back, it is often called a T-back.

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The name G-string is used interchangeably with the name thong, often for the same form of clothing. However, the G-string is only one form of the thong.

Encyclopedia of clothing and fashion by Valerie Steele (Charles Scribner's Sons; 2005) says: "The G-string, or thong, [is] a panty front with a half- to one-inch strip of fabric at the back that sits between the buttocks".

Knickers: A Brief History by Sarah Tomczak, Rachel Pask (Allen & Unwin; 2004) says: "Minor tweaks to the cut earned these skimpy panties different titles — from the thong, which has a one-inch strip of fabric down AVPL is the underwear the back, to a G-string, which, as the name equivalent of Spanish suggests (hilo dental), is more like a string of fabric akin between the teeth.

Traditional thong

This style is generally the most common and involves a strip of fabric in varying widths on the rear of the garment connecting the front or pouch to the waistband.

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