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Tankini, Bandini, or Thong, Oh My!

Tankini, Bandini, or Thong, Oh MTankini, Bandini, or Thong, Oh My!
Choose the Right Bikini for Summer

In 1946, Louis Reard, an engineer - and a Frenchman, of course! - fashioned a two-piece women's swimsuit from 30 inches of fabric. Reard's rival in bikini design, Jacques Helm, was actually the first to create the iconic two-piece swimsuit of the 20th century. Helm called his design the "atome" in a nod to the smallest particle in the world known at the time. A marketing genius, Reard introduced his skimpy two-piece design five days after the United States began atomic tests in the Bikini Atoll and named it "bikini" to suggest that it would have the same explosive impact on society as an A-bomb.

The bikini is a women's two-piece swimsuit that covers the breast and groin areas. It was considered risqué when it first appeared in 1946, but the two-piece design was actually a throwback to very ancient times. Wikipedia cites the earliest form of a bikini appearing in the Chalcolithic Era (3500 BCE to 1700BCE). Bikinis appear in ancient Roman mosaics and murals, suggesting they were popular as swimming costumes among Roman women. Archaeologists have found Minoan wall paintings (circa 1600 BCE) showing a two-piece design very similar to the modern bikini, and women wearing bikinis appear on ancient Greek urns, ancient Sicilian floor mosaics, and statues from Pompeii.

Bikinis were accepted as mainstream swimwear fashion on the French Riviera long before being embraced by the public in the United States. The bikini was introduced to the U.S. in 1947, but its scandalous status remained in force well into the 1950s. Many American cities even passed laws to prohibit the wearing of a bikini in public. In 1957, Modern Girl magazine stated "It is hardly necessary to waste words over the so-called bikini since it is inconceivable that any girl with tact and decency would ever wear such a thing." American women didn't really jump on the bikini bandwagon until the late 1960s with the start of the so-called Sexual Revolution. Since that time, the bikini and its stylish variations have become the most popular swimsuit style in the U.S.

Because there are so many variations in bikini design, it helps to be familiar with the available styles before going shopping. Be aware, too, that your body shape and your level of self-confidence will also have an impact on the style you ultimately select.

Bikini Styles

The following bikini glossary provides basic descriptions of the many types of bikinis currently on the market.

String bikini - This classic, skimpy style features four strategically placed triangles connected by strings.

Tankini - A tank-style top and a traditional, string, or thong bottom.

Bandini - A strapless tube or bandeau top combined with a regular bikini bottom.

Camikini - A camisole top that will support larger breasts combined with any type of bikini bottom.

Thong - A bikini top with a bottom that covers the groin with a small piece of fabric connected by strings on the sides and between the buttocks.

Halter bikini - A top with a strap that circles the neck and attaches to the bodice combined with a traditional bikini bottom.

Micro bikini - A string bikini top with tiny triangles that cover the nipples and little more, with a g-string bottom.

Monokini - A skimpy bikini connected with a strip of fabric that runs from top to bottom or a bikini bottom worn without a top.

Sports Bikini - Worn by women who love sports, it features a top that is as supportive as a bra and a traditional bikini bottom.

Seekini - Any type of bikini that is "see-through" and usually can be worn only on certain beaches.

Bikini Materials, Colors, and Care

Armed with this knowledge of the most popular bikini styles, you can now move on to consider the type of material your bikini is made of, its color options, and the care it will require. The best selection of bikini styles and style options can be found by visiting a regular brick-and-mortar store or an online shop that lets you mix and match tops and bottoms for the best fit. The ability to combine tops and bottoms also lets you be creative in using solid colors and/or patterns to develop your own personal bikini style.

Bikini Grooming

And don't forget the all-important need to groom your bikini hair to match the type of bikini you plan to wear. Select grooming products made especially for the pubic area, so you won't suffer from ingrown hairs or rashes. Then you can be confident that you'll look your fabulous best in your new bikini!

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The male thong undergarment stripper style. In many areas men will perform strip tease act in some clubs or bars. Regulations on styles that are allowed vary by area, some require a full back, some may not. Or perform in your residence or backyard and maybe wear whatever you like, like a sheer mens thong.

Men Bikini Swimsuit

Women, have you noticed how men look at women who are wearing a bikini? No matter what the bikini style, men usually like what they see. Maybe it's time for you to find out how to look good in a String Bikini Swimsuit.

Bikinis have not gone out of style for over sixty years; in fact they have become skimpier and more accepted. You have your choice of a Brazilian, tankini, mini, sling, micro, mono and string to name just a few.

Wearing this modern beachwear is the same story as women’s because the garment offers less and less coverage in comparison to any fashion men have worn for a swimming fun before. They are more like the latest men G-strings yet this cannot completely be called new fashion since the men bikini was a basic need of an ancient man

Men’s board shorts are a great casual fashion item to be worn for a leisure time on beach. Board shorts have a high ranking in appearance and comfort scale. These shorts are made of breathable fabric, which gives a complete comfort to the person wearing it. They are perfect for summer, as for an outing on the beach. They give a chance to the shy guys to play outside without being embarrassed about their appearance.
So the period is in front of us when we need a swimwear to dress in at a sea side. There have been several alterations in the fashion of swimwear in the last few years. Numerous of styles and cuts have been adopted by the designers for designing an appealing swimwear. Men’s swimwear was limited to speedo from the past few years, as being uncomfortable it went out of fashion. As many improvements have taken so far, men can get swimsuits according to their body shape,There are a lot of reasons which affects the buying behavior of men for swimwear. Most of them go for something which is comfy and not something which lacks comfort and holds blood circulation and breath. It is recommended not to choose a loose fit swimwear as there is a chance to lose it in the water flow. Branded swimwear also plays a magnificent role in affecting the buying behavior of customers. All the sports personalities opt for branded swimwear.
Men usually dress in seaside shorts, which appear the same as casual wear. Dark colors are recommended for swimwear as they dry in a short span of time as compared to light colors. Men’s wear generally consists of knee-length pants, which is prepared of fabrics. Knee-length pants with a sleeveless shirt look gorgeous on men for a beach side walk.

Men’s Swimwear Designs From Around The World

Men’s Swimwear Designs From Around The World

Author: david hobson

Borat’s thong-style swimwear may have solicited some laughs, but believe it or not, it started a fashion movement. Online shops started to sell exact replicas of the famed outfit, and guess what? Most of them reported sellouts!

Borat’s thing-style swimwear also served another purpose. It opened many eyes to an untapped niche, that of men’s swimwear.

They may be skimpy. They may seem negligible. And in some cultures, they may even seem non-existent. However, male bikinis, male thongs, and even male g-strings do send an important message – that fashion may be as varied as the many cultures in the world, but our desire to look our best will always remain constant.

In ancient times, people took off all their clothes when they went swimming. Indeed, skinny dipping was cool way before the modern times.

The earliest usage of men’s swimwear can be traced to the Japanese. Japanese males wore loincloth wrapped around their private areas. Such loincloth was called a fundoshi.

Nowadays, male swim wears are more aesthetic and functional. Some of them make the wearer look good… and they won’t have to accumulate water and weight when they get wet.

Take, for example, the swimming trunks are popular in Western countries. Swimming trunks have various cuts: g-strings, thongs and bikinis being among them. These swimming trunks emphasize the assets of the male figure. Wearing a piece likewise gives the illusion of improved posture. It’s because of the cut, whether they’re g-strings, thongs or bikinis. Also, these swimming trunks repel water absorption. They are usually made of spandex and nylon, though some are crafted from polyester.

Prior to the 1996 Olympics, swim briefs were acknowledged racing briefs. Speedos, most definitely, are the most recognizable brand of racing briefs, both for actual competitions and for recreational activities. Speedos have transcended the competitive purpose they were designed for and have become a part of mainstream culture – especially during the summer season.

The 1996 Olympics, however, heralded innovations when it comes to racing wear, and consequently, mean’s swimwear fashion in general. Speedos were slowly replaced by Jammers which are racing wears that look like cycling shorts. Sometimes, they are longer, covering the entire body like the compression suits popular in today’s swimming competitions.

In more conservative territories, like Asia and the Pacific, boardshorts are preferred over more revealing g-strings, thongs, bikinis and even Speedos. Boardshorts were originally used for less traditional aquatic sports like surfing and wakeboarding. However, they have become fashion statements as well, mainly because they look more casual and more non-conforming than the usual g-strings, thongs, bikinis and Speedos.

Looking for a more unconventional swimwear for men? Try the square leg suits popular in western territories. Think of tight-fitting cycling shorts, only, with a shorter cut. They also possess the same water repelling properties as swimming trucks and swim briefs.

Different countries and different cultures have different preferences for men’s swimwear, and any of them – including Borat’s thong-style swimsuit – can look amazing under the right circumstances.
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Comfortable underwear for men

Men’s thong as comfortable underwear

Author: jasonkody

Men ’s thong is underwear that provides a comfort fit for the person wearing it. There are many types of male thongs to suit different tastes and needs. They come in a variety of colors and are also available in small, medium, large, extra large and double extra large sizes. Typical colors in male thongs that are available are red, blue, white and black. There are others like grey, green, lavender etc. too. Many designs and prints are also available in the male thongs. Men’s thong is underwear that is provided by many brands.

The Y-Back men’s thong is made from comfortable material comprising 95% cotton and 5% elastane which lends stretching property to the fabric. As the name indicates, this men’s thong has a Y shaped back portion. The waist elastic is made from a high quality material. There is allowance for shrinkage post washing. Cotton Lycra men’s thong is a standard design thong which is also made of 95% cotton and rest elastane. There is a Clip thong in the male thongs models which has thong clips going all the way down the thong. The thong clips can be undone as far as desired. The clips used are small metal ones. This men’s thong is made of material that is 70% Micro Poly, 25% Poly and 5% dgnl. Another type of male thongs is made using swim wear fabric – these can be used as swim wear and also double up as under wear. The material is 82% Poly and 18% spandex. There are many sizes for this men’s thong and they range from small to XXL. A contrast design men’s thong is very attractive to wear as swim wear or bathing suit. It has contrast stitching that makes it look stylish. It is typically made from super soft fabric that has 82% Poly amide and 18% elastane. These thongs are unlined that is do not have any lining material inside.

There is a Y back men ’s thong that is made of 100% ring spun combed cotton fabric with elastic waist band. This male thongs has sizes that range from small to double extra large. The C-Ring men ’s thong has a built in elastic C-Ring that has three sizes of adjustable snaps. It is made of cotton Lycra blend, stretch cotton material. There is a O-Ring men ’s thong made from 95% cotton and 5% Lycra. It is a very popular model where the ring is put in place right at the front. These male thongs come in many vibrant colors including yellow, grape, poppy red, Olympian blue etc. The Juno men ’s thong has a lined front pouch and is made of fabric that is very soft and comfy. The fabric material is 88% Poly amide and 12% elastane. This male thongs model can be used as swim wear as well as normal under wear. It has a T shaped back portion. The string male thongs have soft elastic string sides. This model is unlined and comes in multiple colors. There are many other models that are available too.

Underwarestore's underwear briefs that have longer legs than the usual briefs. They are similar to boxer shorts except that boxer briefs are tighter fitting.Please visit us for more information related to male underwear.

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The History and Evolution of the Sexy Thong

The History and Evolution of the Sexy Thong

Author: Rick Freedom
The loincloth, worn thousands of years ago is likely to be the first undergarment worn by humans and it evolved into the thong over the years. Ironically, it was first worn by men in ancient times before it evolved into part of women's lingerie in modern times. The Egyptians were one of the earliest people to wear this thong-like clothing. The earliest loincloths were made of leather and this was used until the introduction of fabric much later on. The famous King Tutankhamun was found buried with more than a hundred loincloths in his tomb.

Some people in ancient Greece, Rome and Japan also wore loincloths. In Japan, sumo wrestlers in particular are known to wear a loincloth when they are wrestling. In fact, right up to this very day, they still wear this.

In the middle ages, the loincloth was replaced by a large, loose outfit called 'braies'. This was usually made from linen and is much bigger than the loincloth. The braies is made with a covering at the front that could be buttoned or tied closed.

In modern times, historians trace the thong's first public appearance to 1939 when New York Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia directed that the city's nude exotic dancers to dress more appropriately.

Fashion designer, Rudi Gernreich was credited with introducing the first modern thong back in 1974. The thong was worn for many years by exotic Brazilian dancers and was very widely worn during the festivals. These tight, tiny thongs grew in popularity during the 80s in South America and were used as swimwear at the beaches. Its popularity and influence spread to various parts of the world in the late 90s.

In the US, the sexy thong only gained wide acceptance in the 90s when exotic lingerie came into the mainstream. Today, the thong is one of the best selling styles of undergarment in the world. The size of the lingerie industry is said to be over US$2 billion a year.

The thong became so popular that there were even songs written about it. The most famous one was of course 'The Thong Song' by Sisqo under the Def Soul label. The Thong Song from Sisqo's debut album 'Unleash The Dragon' was such a big hit that it reached number 3 on the US pop charts and sold over 4 million copies worldwide.

Besides the sexy thong, there are also many different types and variants of exotic lingerie available in the market today. Some of the different types of lingerie available include the chemise, camisole, boy shorts, bustiers, corsets, teddy and G-string.

Many designers today have come up with very flamboyant and creative designs and the thongs today are very different from the designs of yesteryears. It is extremely minimalist, erotic and chic. Many women prefer the thong to other types of lingerie because they can wear tight pants without showing the panty line. Besides being extremely sexy, the thong is also comfortable to wear. You can find out more about sexy thongs and romantic dating ideas at

Rick Freedom is an aspiring author and entrepreneur whose interests include communication, human relationships, love, dating, philosophy, lingerie and thongs. For more info on sexy thongs, exotic lingerie and romantic dating ideas, visit

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Types of string thongs

Types of thongs include the traditional thong, the G-string, V-string, T-back and the C-string. In Australia the terms G-string and thong are both used, but the term thong usually refers to a kind of rubber footwear

Thong varieties

There are a number of intermediate kinds of thongs between full rear coverage and a string rear. Like the Thong, the G-string is essentially a bottom covering that covers the pubis and leaves the buttocks bared; The term G-string is generally used when the vertical strap in the rear of a G-string is no wider than a string Other similar styles include the Brazilian, rio, and T-back (T-string). The naming of the intermediate styles of thong is debatable, different vendors use the words somewhat interchangeably.

Thongs are available in a wide variety of materials, including fleece, silk, cotton, microfiber, satin, nylon, lycra/spandex, and latex and are also available in maternity styles. There are many styles available:

Smallest coverage. No waistband, just string

Joe Snyder G-String JS02

THONG: Has a thin strip waistband, some coverage

Calvin Klein Men's Steel Cotton Thong

Similar to the G-string, this style connects via a single string along the rear that separates into two strings just at or before the waistband or into a small triangle of fabric above the buttocks but below the waistband can have tie sides like the T-back.

T-BACK: Has "T" shape in back.

A thong that makes a straight line of a strip of garment in the back like the letter "T".

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Men’s thongs

In the USA and Europe, the wearing of thongs by men was once mainly limited to the dance belt, the posing pouch for bodybuilders and the realm of male strippers. These days, men's thongs are more widely available to the general public and can be bought from department stores (Macy's, Dillard's, Kmart, etc.), some clothing stores and numerous online retailers. Thongs for men are cut differently from thongs for women, often having a partial or full vertical seam at the front of the garment to create a contoured pouch which accommodates the male genitalia.


A Dance belt is a type of thong designed specifically to be used in the same manner as an athletic supporter but for male dancers, especially in ballet. Its purpose is to protect and support the dancer during athletic/dance activities without being seen through outer garments, such as tights or a leotard. Thongs tend to offer better support for the male anatomy than do other underwear styles, and is one of the reasons why men and boys may choose to wear them.

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The male thong undergarment stripper style. In many areas men will perform strip tease act in some clubs or bars. Regulations on styles that are allowed vary by area, some require a full back, some may not. Or perform in your residence or backyard and maybe wear whatever you like, like a sheer mens thong.