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Men’s Swimwear Designs From Around The World

Men’s Swimwear Designs From Around The World

Author: david hobson

Borat’s thong-style swimwear may have solicited some laughs, but believe it or not, it started a fashion movement. Online shops started to sell exact replicas of the famed outfit, and guess what? Most of them reported sellouts!

Borat’s thing-style swimwear also served another purpose. It opened many eyes to an untapped niche, that of men’s swimwear.

They may be skimpy. They may seem negligible. And in some cultures, they may even seem non-existent. However, male bikinis, male thongs, and even male g-strings do send an important message – that fashion may be as varied as the many cultures in the world, but our desire to look our best will always remain constant.

In ancient times, people took off all their clothes when they went swimming. Indeed, skinny dipping was cool way before the modern times.

The earliest usage of men’s swimwear can be traced to the Japanese. Japanese males wore loincloth wrapped around their private areas. Such loincloth was called a fundoshi.

Nowadays, male swim wears are more aesthetic and functional. Some of them make the wearer look good… and they won’t have to accumulate water and weight when they get wet.

Take, for example, the swimming trunks are popular in Western countries. Swimming trunks have various cuts: g-strings, thongs and bikinis being among them. These swimming trunks emphasize the assets of the male figure. Wearing a piece likewise gives the illusion of improved posture. It’s because of the cut, whether they’re g-strings, thongs or bikinis. Also, these swimming trunks repel water absorption. They are usually made of spandex and nylon, though some are crafted from polyester.

Prior to the 1996 Olympics, swim briefs were acknowledged racing briefs. Speedos, most definitely, are the most recognizable brand of racing briefs, both for actual competitions and for recreational activities. Speedos have transcended the competitive purpose they were designed for and have become a part of mainstream culture – especially during the summer season.

The 1996 Olympics, however, heralded innovations when it comes to racing wear, and consequently, mean’s swimwear fashion in general. Speedos were slowly replaced by Jammers which are racing wears that look like cycling shorts. Sometimes, they are longer, covering the entire body like the compression suits popular in today’s swimming competitions.

In more conservative territories, like Asia and the Pacific, boardshorts are preferred over more revealing g-strings, thongs, bikinis and even Speedos. Boardshorts were originally used for less traditional aquatic sports like surfing and wakeboarding. However, they have become fashion statements as well, mainly because they look more casual and more non-conforming than the usual g-strings, thongs, bikinis and Speedos.

Looking for a more unconventional swimwear for men? Try the square leg suits popular in western territories. Think of tight-fitting cycling shorts, only, with a shorter cut. They also possess the same water repelling properties as swimming trucks and swim briefs.

Different countries and different cultures have different preferences for men’s swimwear, and any of them – including Borat’s thong-style swimsuit – can look amazing under the right circumstances.
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